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Safety Data Sheet
1. Identification of Substance
Product Name:BioSolv
Application:Non hazardous solvent
Address:Mintsfeet Road South, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 6ND
Contact:Tel: 01539 722247     Fax: 01539 740067     E-mail: service@swantek.com
Emergency health and safety information is available on line at www.swantek.com.
2. Hazards Identification
Not classified as hazardous in accordance with UK CHIP regulations.
Not classified as hazardous according to European Directive 67/548/EEC.
Not considered to be a VOC or a solvent in accordance with European Directive 1999/13/EC 2(17).
3. Composition/Information on Ingredients
Contains no hazardous ingredients.
4. First Aid Measures
General: Treat Symptomaticaly
Inhalation: Move to fresh air, Keep warm and at rest. Get medical attention if breathing is difficult.
Ingestion: Rinse mouth thoroughly, keep warm and at rest.If breathing becomes difficult give oxygen. Get medical attention.
Eye Contact: Wash eye with copious amounts of water whilst lifting eyelids. Wash for at least 15 mins. If visual effects remain after washing ,get medical attention.
Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing. Wash skin with water. Use a good quality barrier and replenishing cream.
5. Fire Fighting Measures
In case of fire use water spray, dry powder, carbon dioxide, foam. Toxic and irritating vapours may be produced in a fire. Wear breathing apparatus. Control vapours with water spray. Keep containers cool with water spray.
6. Accidental Release Measures
7. Handling and Storage
Handling: Keep containers closed when not in use. Avoid ignition sources. Use good industrial hygiene techniques with any chemical
Storage: Store in a cool ,dry, well -ventilated area. Keep away from oxidisers, heat ,flames and direct sunlight.
8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Not considered to be a VOC or a solvent in accordance with European Directive 1999/13/EC 2(17) There are no Exposure Limits assigned. If used in an enclosed area or in the presence of high concentrations wear suitable respiratory protection. Wear suitable gloves
If risk of splashing or contact with eyes wear suitable eye protection and provide eye-wash facilities. See Section 11 for toxicity information
9. Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State Liquid
Colour Clear, Colourless
Odour Mild, characteristic
Density 1.089g/cm at 20C
Evaporation Rate 0.86 (Butyl Acetate =1)
Solubility in water 5.7% w/w
Flash Point >100C
Boiling point 200C (initial distillation )
Solubility in solvents Completely soluble in most solvents
Vapour pressure 0.006 kPa at 20C
10. Stability and Reactivity
Stable under normal conditions. Avoid strong oxidising agents and concentrated mineral acids. Avoid exposure to heat and ignition sources. Fire produces smoke, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
11. Toxicological Information
Test Method Results
Acute oral toxicity OECD 401/EC B.1 LD50>2000mg/kg
Acute dermal toxicity OECD 402/EC B.2 LD50>2000mg/kg
Local cutaneous irritation OECD 403/EC B.3 Not irritating to skin
Local ocular irritation OECD 404/ECB.4 Not irritating to eyes

Biosolv is not classified as dangerous to the environment an not to human health, according to the European Directive 67/548/EEC.
12. Ecological Information
Study BD A17 shows complete and rapid biodegradability.
In test conditions (AFNOR T90-312, ISO 7827, OECD 301A), at 18 days the percentage of biodegradability is 97%.
Aquatic ecotoxicity test: IC50 Daphnia magna/24h=180 mg/l
Not considered to be a VOC or a solvent in accordance with European Directive 1999/13/EC 2(17)
13. Disposal Considerations
Dispose of in accordance with local authority regulations. Obtain the services of a waste disposal contractor for advice.
14. Transport Information
Not classified as hazardous for transport.
15. Regulatory Information
Not classified as hazardous
Risk Phrases:
Safety Phrases:
16. Other Information
Issue Date: 30 June 2015
Biosolv conforms to UK Printing Solvent Substitution Scheme (version 6 Rev. 10/00) A 111 Classification
The responsibility to ensure safe working conditions within the workplace remains with the user. The information on this SDS is given as a guide to the precautions required to maintain a safe work environment. This product is for professional use only. Not for sale or resale to the general public. Use in applications other than those described above may give rise to risks not covered by the information on this SDS. The physical and chemical properties on this SDS are typical properties and are not a specification. Please report any errors.
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